Pay It Forward

I wrote before about needing to change planes to get to LA.  I was put on standby on one plane and has a reservation on a second one.

I went to the gate for the standby and told the agent I was aware there were people ahead of me, but I was needing to get to LA to accompany my daughter for outpatient surgery that day.  He indicated his obligation to take people in order.

I walked away to charge my phone.  A woman came up to me and told me she overheard my story to the agent.  She said she told him to give me her ticket if her name was called.  “Your need is much greater than mine,” she said.  I got teary and thanked her.

Just then, she told me her name had been called.  As I approached the counter, the agent said, “Natalie?”  He knew about the change.  I got the ticket.

As I was getting on the plane, the woman again came up to me and said her name had been called to.  I was relieved.

In light of the political nature of this country right now, having genuinely caring people is a timely balance to many attitudes.